Some time in early 2018, I was introduced to the world of pocket notebooks, fancy pens and pencils, and all things stationery by my friend Ted Walker, of the Take Note Podcast. I began listening to Take Note regularly and it wasn’t long before I found myself not only carrying a Field Notes notebook at all times, but fully embracing the creative outlet doing so can be. Once a month, I’ve been writing a piece of fiction in response to notebook prompts provided by Take Note’s Adam Webb. Fancy Chimpanzee was created as a place to share some of that nonsense, perhaps the occasional sketch of a chimpanzee in a tuxedo, and hopefully some contributions from friends.


All sketches on this site have been created by Fancy Chimpanzee. Any similarities to copywritten material are purely coincidental. On the other hand, if you aren’t a lawyer and you’re simply an impressed observer and just want to heap praise upon me, please consider the similarities very much intentional.